Available Items

If you are interested in purchasing any of my handcrafted miniatures on this page please contact me via email vicky.guile@blueyonder.co.uk
The worldwide postal charge per order, no matter how many items, is an additional £3.50 GBP.

Cute 1:12 scale pumpkin shaped bread!  Three tiny pumpkin shaped pieces of bread on a cloth topped wooden board.  The board measures 49mm (1.9inches) by 25mm (1inch).
Price:  £22.00 GBP

Five 1:12 scale croissants presented on a paper doily on one of my woven dark wicker trays with a removable glass dome cover.  The tray measures 28mm (1.1inches) in diameter.
Price:  £44.50 GBP

A bowl of apples and pears in 1:12 scale.  Each of the 10 apples and 10 pears are meticulously hand sculpted and coloured AND supplied loose with a turned wooden bowl for you to arrange or use as you wish.  The bowl measures 24mm (almost 1inch) in diameter.  
Price £41.50 GBP

One of my handmade 1:12 scale shallow oval "wicker" baskets.  The basket measures approximately 38mm (1.5inches) x 32mm ((1.25inches) wide.
Price:  £21.50 GBP

A tiny basket of open cap mushroooms in 1:12 scale.  The basket measures only 16mm (0.62inches) in diameter and about 21mm (0.83inches) high to the top of the handle.  
Price:  £13.50 GBP

A 1:12 basket of Porcini Mushrooms or Cep, Boletus Edulis or Penny Bun, whatever they are named in your part of the world. 
Price:  £13.50GBP

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