About me
Where do I start?  Well, I'm 39 years old, a mother of two teenage boys who fill me to bursting with pride and I have a liking of all things arty and creative!  I love to cook, run (to burn off my cooking), read, knit, sew and sculpt.  I live, very happily, in the North East of England (yep, I'm a Geordie!) and my life is, on the whole, pretty good!

About my work
I've been making dolls house miniatures for most of my life, ever since receiving my first dolls house as a little lass.  I'm a tiny bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my miniatures, good for my customers but time consuming and somewhat frustrating for me.  I love every single piece that I create and hopefully that love shows in the quality of my work!

My miniature sculpting is done with polymer clay, I'm a big fan of the Kato brand for fruit, vegetables and meat, but for mini's such as bread and cheese I prefer Premo or Fimo.  My tool kit is very basic; toothpicks, a few dental picks, acrylic roller, tissue blades, a couple of clay shaper tools, ceramic tiles, a baking tray, oven thermometer and my dedicated for clay mini oven (even though it's timer knob is kaput - which is why I also use a timer app on either my phone or laptop).  Not forgetting, of course, my beloved pasta machine which is indispensable for conditioning Kato clay.

Nothing complicated about me, my life, work or my toolkit.... that's exactly how I like it!

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