Friday, 13 September 2013

Comparisons, Now and Then!

I'm constantly trying to improve my work and this year I'm trying even harder than ever, I really want to push myself to create the best miniatures that I can.  I'm probably far too harsh on myself (isn't that the curse of an artist; self doubt and being overly critical of one's own work?) and even though I try not to look or draw comparisons, there are so many fantastic artisans out there, it's now impossible for me to sit back and say "oh, that will do" about my own work.

So, with all that in mind, this morning I've been working on my mini croissants.  My thinking was... that I have a photo of the type of croissant that I made a while back and I'll take a photo this morning of one of my new versions and then I can compare the photos side by side.  THEN, I thought... might as well do this comparison live on my blog, me being a glutton for self punishment and all that ;)  Sooooo, here we go...

The first time I saw these photos side by side was just a few seconds ago when I was saving them as one.  My first impressions, I think I've definitely improved on the colouring and the shape is not as flat but I'm not sure if I like the actual curve of the older croissant than the more straight new one.  What do you think?


  1. I really have no place to say anything other than, as a "newb" in this field, I can only inspire.. to attempt.. to create things from your past.

    I think *anyone who has eyes*, is astounded by your craft and would gobble up both croissants with delight.

    ..but then my comments were just to gush and make your head float away ;)

    1. haha! promise my head won't float away... I'm far too self critical for that and the way I look at it is... that we are all "newb's" at something or other, yeah I could probably make some mini's in my sleep BUT there is still so much out there to replicate in miniature that I haven't even tried yet and have no idea until I start playing with the clay exactly how I'm going to go about it AND even then it sometimes goes horribly wrong. SO from one "newb" to another... please feel free to say whatever you like ;)